Assembling an Admission2Discharge (A2D) Together Folder

The purpose of the A2D Together Folder is to help hospital staff provide patient-centred care when a person with a cognitive disability is admitted to hospital.
The A2D Folder provides information to improve their hospital journey, from Admission2Discharge.

The BLUE section

Cover page has important personal details and information about consent.
Reviews page has dates of most recent reviews.

Medication Chart and
Blister Pack.

Tips and strategies for support.

Hospital Support Plan (Parts 1 & 2).
Other relevant plans and reports.

The button below will download blank templates of the following documents:

  • A2D Folder Cover page (Cognitive, Intellectual, Psychosocial)
  • A2D Folder Cover page (Palliative)
  • Hospital Support Information Review
  • TOP5 Support Strategies
  • Hospital Support Plan

The button below will download the current version of our Guide to Assembling an Admission2Discharge (A2D) Folder:

NSW Ambulance Authorised Care Plans (General and Palliative [Adult & Paediatric]) are a patient centered and clinician endorsed initiative designed to give patients, their families and carers choice in the type of healthcare that is best for them and where that healthcare can be delivered through supported decision making.

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