The A2D Together Folder for Carers

A hospital admission can be an extremely stressful time for everyone involved including the patient, carer and family. Carers tell us they often have to repeat their story to staff and feel that they need to stay with the person they care for the all the time they are an inpatient.

The A2D Together Folder is a tool to help carers and families share their knowledge and include recent medical details of the person they care for with all staff  involved in providing health care.

The overall aim of the A2D Together Folder is to ensure that when the person goes to hospital their needs are met and their hospital journey, from their “Admission2Discharge” is a seamless as possible.

There are over 900,000 carers in NSW, providing unpaid care and support to a family member or friend with a disability, mental health concern, drug and alcohol dependencies, chronic condition, terminal illness or who is frail.
Anyone, at anytime, can become a carer.

The purpose of the Admission2Discharge Together Folder is to provide information that:

  • Is current
  • Is person/patient-centred
  • Is relevant to being in hospital
  • Is easily accessible including contact details for medical consent, (person responsible) if the person you care for is unable to give consent
  • Identifies the support requirements needs of the person you care for and highlights  anything that may have a negative impact on their wellbeing while an inpatient
  • Identifies any behaviours (and/or triggers) that might put other people (staff/visitors/patients) at risk of harm during the hospital stay

A user’s perspective

Listen to Anne Funke, NSW Carer of the Year 2014, talk about how the A2D Together Folder has made life with her son Mitchell (who has Angelman Syndrome) a lot easier when visiting hospital.

I feel more relaxed knowing that if I am not by Mitchell’s side, nursing staff and doctors will understand his specific needs.

All his information is in one central spot.

Having the A2D Together Folder means that the journey for us, for him and for the staff is a lot smoother.

How do I make an A2D Together Folder?

Downloads of the folder templates are available on our Resources page

There are five steps to the process as summarised below

Step 1

  1. Download a copy of the folder cover from our Resources page
  2. Fill out the contact details
  3. Add a recent photo of the folder’s owner to the cover

Step 2

  1. Insert the webster pack when heading to hospital
  2. Supply the current medication chart and bring or supply medications

Step 3

  1. Download your blank TOP5 template from the Resources page
  2. View the sample TOP5 forms provided as a guide
  3. Fill out the form and add to the folder

Step 4

  1. Download a copy of the Hospital Support Plan Part 1 and take it to your local GP. Ask them to complete the medical section.
  2. Put a date (6-12 months) in your calendar to check that the information is still current.
  3. Add any other relevant support plans (for example meal time management, behaviour management ) and recent specialist reports.

Step 5

  1. Print a copy of the completed pages, and place into a clear plastic folder (A4 non-refillable display book with 20 fixed sheets).
  2. Give to the paramedics if going by Ambulance, or take to the hospital for planned and unplanned visits.